Wall Isolation Systems

Wall isolation systems can isolate and control noise within a space, improving sound quality and preventing sound flanking transmission into an adjacent room.

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Kinetics Noise Control wall isolation clip

Kinetic Noise Control PSB-M Resilient Masonry Attachment

Wall Of Silence

Kinetics Noise Control NAFP wall isolation system

Kinetic Noise Control NAFP-10Masonry Wall Isolation Strip

From wall isolation clips to sound dampening compounds, there are many cost-effective solutions that can be integrated into walls to minimize excessive noise with varying degrees of effectiveness.

Whether you need to decrease vibrations and sound transference within and between units in a multifamily construction project or classrooms in a university, wall isolation systems can create a more peaceful and private environment.

Kinetics Noise Control Sounddamp being painted on wall with roller brush

Kinetic Noise Control Sound Damp2 Drywall Damping Compound

Kinetics Noise Control Wallmat wall isolation system

Kinetic Noise Control Wallmat Stud Wall Isolation Strip

Why Choose Kinetics Noise Control?

Kinetics Noise Control offers many different wall isolation systems to fulfill varying acoustical needs, all created by engineers.

Kinetics Noise Control UniBrace wall isolation system

Kinetic Noise Control Unibrace

Numbers Don’t Lie

Wall isolation systems developed by Kinetics Noise Control are simple to install and proven in the field to reduce both STC (airborne noise) and IIC (impact noise) ratings. Their economical and field-proven solutions offer high performance at a relatively low cost. They can be implemented to enhance privacy, improve safety, and uphold peace and quiet.

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Kinetics Noise Control ISOMAX clip wall isolation system

Kinetic Noise Control IsoMax™ Sound Isolation Clips