Noise Control Building Materials

When you’re dealing with excessive noise, either within a space or from a building’s surroundings, you need a noise control solution. There are plenty of options for acoustical solutions, from ceiling and wall panels to isolated ceilings and floors.

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Kinetics rollout isolation material

Kinetics Noise Control RIM Wood

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Kinetics Gotham concrete ceiling hanger with one inch deflection coil spring

Kinetics Noise Control Gotham Deflection Spring Hanger

Use noise control solutions to reduce echoes and reverberation within a space and prevent the transference of noise from one room to another. Noise control products can also enhance sound quality in studios, auditoriums, and concert halls.

Noise control solutions can contribute to productivity, effective communication, and overall comfort of occupants in a building. High performing products can even manage airborne noise well enough to improve safety and protect hearing in environments with heavy machinery, like factory floors.

Kinetics Noise Control KNC-LSM floating floor system

Kinetics Noise Control LSM Spring Lift Slab Floor Mount

Kinetics Unibrace isolator clip series

Kinetics Noise Control Unibrace

Why Choose Kinetics Noise Control?

Kinetics Noise Control produces the largest variety of innovative, high-quality products in the acoustical solutions industry.

Kinetics Masonry Wall Isolation Strip with Tempered Board

Kinetics Noise Control NAFP-10

Better, Quieter Environments

Excessive noise can be detrimental to both the concentration and health of building occupants. Installing noise control solutions can contribute to stress relief and focus while preventing hearing damage and other health issues. Noise control solutions can impart major benefits for environments with extreme noise levels, workplaces, healthcare facilities, and residential buildings.

Whether your project requires minor noise dampening, total sound isolation between rooms to maintain privacy, or high performing acoustical control, there’s a noise control solution for you.

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Kinetics concrete ceiling hangers

Kinetics Noise Control AF Fiberglass Pad Wire-Tie Hanger