Acoustical Doors

Acoustical doors are vital for enhanced privacy and isolating sounds within a room, preventing the escape of noise to adjacent spaces. They come in a variety of styles, from swinging doors to horizontal and vertical sliding doors.

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Noise Barriers acoustical door in Composite Machine Center

Noise Barriers QuietSlide™ Horizontal Sliding Doors

Shut Out the Noise

Noise Barriers vertical acoustical door in Waukesha industrial space

Noise Barriers QuietLift™ Vertical Lift Doors

Whether your project calls for added privacy or a reduction in noise pollution, soundproof doors are an affordable noise control solution that can be used in combination with other acoustical products. Soundproof doors can also contribute to the energy efficiency of a building.

Acoustical doors are well suited to areas where a quiet, private space is desired, such as a doctor’s examination room or a recording studio. Their style, shape, and configuration can be customized to suit a project’s specific needs and aesthetic, for interior or exterior applications.

Noise Barriers QuietGlass sliding acoustical door

Noise Barriers QuietGlass™ Acoustical Sliding Glass Door

Why Choose Noise Barriers?

Noise Barriers, manufactures a range of customizable, easy-to-install acoustical doors.

Acoustical QuietSlide doors installed in industrial space

Noise Barriers QuietSlide™ Horizontal Sliding Doors

Your Silent Partner

Noise Barriers can create a custom acoustical door solution that meets your exact parameters, ready to install and with hardware included. Noise control specialists can manufacture specialty doors with any number of configurations, from bi-fold to swiveling doors. 

Whether you need an acoustical door suited solely for privacy, or a pressure resistant and bullet proof acoustical door for secure areas, you can rest assured that your product will be designed to suit your project and thoroughly tested.

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Noise Bariers QuietPivot sliding acoustical doors in room with metal chairs and tables

Noise Barriers QuietPivot® Acoustical Sound Control Door