Acoustical Barriers

Acoustical barriers can be placed on an exterior structure to protect the interior from noise pollution. Barriers can be customized to fit interiors or exteriors of any shape or scale.

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Noise Barriers QuietLine noise control wall outside airport

Noise Barriers LLC Acoustical Barriers

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Noise Barriers acoustical concealer with vision screen

Noise Barriers LLC SL-R Concealer with Vision Screen

Lightweight, absorptive sound barriers are a budget-friendly option that offers maximum noise protection for both new construction and retrofits. Acoustical sound barriers are wind- and weather-resistant, and can be free standing or elevated.

This high-performing acoustic solution is ideal for reducing noise pollution from industrial sites, airports, trainyards, or even factory floors. Acoustical barriers can dampen noise to a safe level, protecting hearing and improving focus and communication.

Noise Barriers LLC Concealer Barrier

Why Choose Kinetics Noise Control?

Kinetics Noise Control manufactures high quality acoustical barriers proven to perform in both the lab and field.

Noise Barriers acoustical wall inside factory

Noise Barriers LLC H-P 42 - Interior Factory Wall

Long Lasting Noise Pollution Solution

Acoustical barriers are solidly constructed, both weather resistant and windproof, and made to last for decades. They’re a worthwhile investment for curbing excessive noise and improving the comfort and safety of building occupants, as well as complying with noise regulations. Noise barriers can be applied to dampen noise from rail yards, highways, transformers, manufacturing facilities, and more.

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Noise Barriers acoustical cladding and concealer

Noise Barriers LLC H-P 42 - Exterior Cladding