Acoustical Plaster

Acoustical plaster comes in a range of colors and textures, and can be applied in different thicknesses depending on noise control requirements.

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Pyrok acoustical plaster ceiling at St. Barts church

Pyrok Acoustical Plaster

Pretty Perfect Plaster

Pyrok acoustical plaster ceiling at Lake Eve Country Club

Pyrok Acoustical Plaster

Sound absorbing plaster is a seamless and subtle noise control solution that can be applied to the walls and ceiling of practically any structure. It’s an excellent acoustical solution for curved surfaces such as vaults and domes.

Acoustical plaster comes in many different styles, with variations in color, texture, and thickness, and it can also be painted, allowing it to dampen sound while blending into any design aesthetic. It can be used to both reduce echoes and reverberation inside a space and prevent noise transference between rooms when used in combination with other isolation products and assemblies.

Pyrok acoustical plaster dome ceiling La Concha Vanderbilt

Pyrok Acoustical Plaster

Why Choose Pyrok?

Pyrok is a leading manufacturer of stylish and effective acoustical plaster products.

Pyrok Acoustement plaster in William Hart High School auditorium

Pyrok Acoustement Plaster 20 and Acoustement Plaster 40

Lay It On Thick (Or Thin)

Acoustical plaster is available in a range of thicknesses, and can also be layered to enhance sound absorption without preventing the application of wall mounted decorations. Quality sound absorbing plaster can be easily cleaned and maintained by vacuuming or washing with water.

Pyrok’s acoustical plaster can be painted without diminishing sound absorbing qualities, and can be ordered in custom colors. It lasts longer than cellulose, paper, or similar acoustical solutions that may not be ideal for your project.

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Pyrok acoustical plaster dome ceiling with ornate tiling

Pyrok Acoustical Plaster