Stainless Steel Mesh Ceilings

Metal mesh ceilings are both visually appealing and practical. These robust, fire resistant, and polished-looking ceilings can act as a sound insulator as well as defray utility costs.

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GKD Metal Mesh Ceiling

Strong and Stylish Ceilings

GKD stainless steel mesh ceilings in US investment company office building

GKD Metal Mesh Ceiling

A stainless steel wire mesh ceiling doesn’t decay, stain, absorb moisture, or rust like ceilings made of less resilient materials. These fire resistant ceilings also require minimal maintenance and care, and are easy to clean.

A woven metal ceiling is perfect for hiding unsightly pipes and ductwork or sprinkler systems while being conducive to airflow. They’re cost effective, easy to install or repair, and come in a wide variety of patterns, styles, and finishes.

GKD stainless steel mesh ceilings with blue lighting in Dusseldorf concert hall

GKD Metal Mesh Ceiling

Why Choose GKD?

GKD manufactures stunning and resilient architectural steel mesh panels that offer architects and designers an array of aesthetic options.

GKD stainless steil mesh ceilings in Muscat Airport

GKD Metal Mesh Ceiling

Beyond the Ordinary Ceiling

Metal mesh ceilings can be applied in nearly every type of space,  from lab spaces and concert halls to cafes, hotels, and libraries. This unexpectedly lightweight and versatile material can add strength, elegance, and modern appeal to projects of any scale.

Stainless steel metal mesh is an elegant solution for disguising imperfections, controlling sound without diminishing airflow, and insulating rooms. It can impart a completely one-of-a-kind look to a space, with customizable styles, patterns, and colors.

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GKD Elizabeth Hall stainless steel mesh ceilings

GKD Metal Mesh Ceiling