Home Acoustics

Create a quieter and more comfortable home environment with home acoustics. Residential acoustics can maximize peace and privacy by reducing noise transmission between rooms or eliminating echoes within them.

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Acoustical Wood Collection

This collection has acoustical absorbers for rooms that need sound levels improved.

Design Your Sound

StretchTRAK Acoustical Fabric

StretchTRAK attractively integrates acoustic control into many different areas in a home by hiding acoustical treatments from view.

Home acoustics give you more control over the environment where you spend most of your time. You can change how your interiors look—why not customize how they sound? Residential acoustics give you the freedom to turn up the music, let your kids play upstairs, and use a home gym without disturbing the peace, so you and your family can fully enjoy every room of your house.

Sound absorbing panels for home and wood products for floors, walls, and ceilings contribute functional style to rooms, doing the work of diffusing noise while blending seamlessly with your interior design.

StretchTRAK Acoustical Fabric

StretchTRAK invisibly controls sound as it reflects off walls and ceilings to lower noise levels to a comfortable level.

Why Choose Kinetics Home Acoustics?

Kinetics has developed a line of customizable and versatile home acoustics products that can be used in every room of your house, with different levels of noise absorption and diffusion on offer.

StretchTRAK Acoustical Fabric

Acoustically-transparent fabrics in a variety of colors to hide acoustical treatments from view.

A Silent Sanctuary

Echoes are enjoyable in caves, canyons, and cathedrals—not in your house. Kinetics carries a line of home acoustical products that will turn down the reverb in your rooms, reducing echoes from hard surfaces and high ceilings so you can feel cozier in your home.

Learn more about the home acoustic solutions offered by Kinetics, as well as acoustic solutions specifically for home theaters.

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Acoustical Wood Collection

Absorbers from the Acoustical Wood Collection allow sound energy to penetrate through finished wood to hidden, acoustically-absorptive material beneath.