Stainless Steel Mesh Facades

Metal mesh facades combine striking architectural design with function by shading buildings from sunlight, maintaining warmth, and reducing the cost of utilities during all seasons. Parking garages can benefit aesthetically from our stainless steel mesh facades, and also benefit from the added fall safety while maintaining proper ventilation. This durable material is easy to install and can also contribute to noise control.

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Kansas City University - Center for Medical Education Innovation

Strong and Attractive

GKD stainless steel mesh facade on exterior of Liberty Fund Library

Liberty Fund Library

Stainless steel mesh cladding is an aesthetically appealing and long-lasting option for both interiors and exteriors. The options for hole sizes, shapes, finishes, and geometric patterns make steel mesh cladding highly adaptable for architects, enabling them to give a building a one-of-a-kind appearance.

It has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio compared to sheet metal. An expanded metal facade can withstand harsh weather and can control or equalize pressure, and it’s resistant to corrosion.

Brookline Parking Garage

Why Choose GKD?

GKD creates environmentally friendly and recyclable metal fabrics, continually revolutionizing the industry with unique, stylish, and functional designs.

GKD stainless steel mesh facade on exterior of Elwick Place

Picturehouse Ashford Cinema

Good for Architects and the Environment

Stainless steel mesh cladding not only promotes sustainability in its manufacturing—it also reduces energy usage in a building’s interior. This reusable and recyclable material has perforations that decrease the amount of metal used, and its light weight reduces the amount of fuel needed to transport it to construction sites.

Metal mesh facades filter sunlight, allowing occupants to rely more on natural light. They also naturally reflect heat and insulate buildings, maintaining a consistent interior temperature and allowing them to rely less on HVAC systems.

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King Power Mahanakhon