Ceiling Isolation Systems

Ceiling isolation systems are an effective way to prevent the transmission of noise from a space while concealing ductwork, electrical work, and piping.

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Kinetics Noise Control spring ceiling hangers for isolated ceiling system

Kinetics Noise Control MUTA Spring Wire-Tie Ceiling Hanger

The Height Of Noise Control

Kinetics Noise Control spring ceiling isolation hangers

Kinetics Noise Control KSCH Low Profile Deck-Suspended Ceiling Hanger

A suspended or sound isolation ceiling system can cover up structural components, keeping pipes, ducts, and cables hidden, and weak points that detract from the appearance of a room. The sound isolation clips in suspended ceilings interrupt the transmission of sound from below and significantly reduce noise transfer from above.

Ceiling isolation systems are available in different degrees of performance. Spring hangers offer the greatest acoustical control, while pad hangers are also a good option depending on your performance requirements.

Ceiling isolation system Kinetics Noise Control isogrid hero

Kinetics Noise Control IsoGrid Quick-Connect Ceiling Hanger

Ceiling isolation system Kinetics Noise Control wave hangers in black and silver

Kinetics Noise Control WAVE Hanger Noise Control Ceiling Hanger

Why Choose Kinetics Noise Control?

Kinetics Noise Control was originally established as a noise control consultancy, and now uses that background to provide the best acoustical control products in the industry.

Kinetics Noise Control ISOMAX clip wall isolation system

Kinetics Noise Control IsoMax™ Sound Isolation Clips

Better Ceilings, Better Environments

Sound isolation ceilings make every environment, from workspaces to lobbies and hospitals, more functional and inviting by reducing noise and improving communication and focus.

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Kinetics Noise Control ceiling isolation system clip hangers

Kinetics Noise Control AF Fiberglass Pad Wire-Tie Hanger