Perforated Ceilings

Whether they’re made of metal or gypsum, perforated ceilings are simple to install, come in many styles and colors, and are optimal for absorbing sound.

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Pyrok perforated ceiling in large modern building

Pyrok Perforated Ceilings GSG4 Joint

Holey Grail

Pyrok perforated ceiling in classroom

Pyrok Perforated Ceilings Visible Chamfer

These lightweight, perforated panels meet the highest demands for acoustical performance while allowing air to circulate in a building. There are many options for the shape, diameter, and pattern of perforations, giving designers added freedom.

Suspended perforated ceilings are a cost-effective way to both reduce airborne noise and conceal wires, ductwork, or imperfections with a unique and visually striking design.

Pyrok perforated ceiling in white room with fluorescent lighting

Pyrok Perforated Ceilings Without Filler

Why Choose Pyrok?

Pyrok offers perforated acoustical ceilings guaranteed to perform in both acoustical control and aesthetics.

Pyrok perforated ceilings in modern room with stairwell

Pyrok Compound Seam Perforated Ceilings

Build A Better Perforated Ceiling

Perforated ceilings created by Pyrok are contemporary and stylish as well as functional, with easy and seamless edge-to-edge installation and a range of stunning geometric designs. With sound absorbing fleece on the reverse side, their acoustical control quality is unparalleled.

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White Pyrok perforated ceiling in building lobby

Pyrok Perforated Ceilings