After more than half a century of experience and technological advancement, Formglas has become a world leader in molded gypsum, fiberglass, and concrete architectural products.

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Formglas custom curved plaster ceiling in bar

Formglas® GFRG

Formglas Breaks the Mold

The possibilities of Formglas products can stretch as far as the imagination of any architect or designer. Their knowledgeable team has positioned them as industry innovators in gypsum, fiberglass, and concrete interiors and exteriors. Learn more about Formglas below.

Formglas custom acoustic sculptural wall

Formglas® GFRG

Formglas gray acoustical ceiling with geometric indentations and columns


Adding a New Dimension to Spaces

Formglas’s highly versatile materials can support classical, modern, or practical designs while maintaining function and durability. Products are available in a great variety of shapes, colors, and textures, from natural stone to metals and reinforced glass.

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Formglas stone textured wall in reception area


Innovative and Sustainable Design

With their commitment to sustainable construction, responsible choice of materials, and focus on energy and material savings, Formglas has demonstrated their environmental accountability and contributed to LEED® certified building projects worldwide.

Formglas custom sculptural acoustic ceiling

Formglas® GFRG

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