Pyrok Inc. is a leading manufacturer of seamless, durable, and well-designed sound absorbing treatments, including acoustical plasters and perforated gypsum ceiling and wall systems.

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Pyrok Perforated Gypsum Board Ceiling

How Pyrok Brushes Off Noise

Pyrok provides high-quality, versatile, and low-maintenance acoustical plaster finishes, decorative for the unique needs of your project.

Pyrok acoustical plaster science industry business library ceiling

Pyrok Acoustement Plaster 20

Leaders in Sound-Absorbing Plaster

Pyrok’s acoustical plasters, available in a variety of colors and textures, are preferred by architects and designers for both traditional and contemporary interiors as well as historical restorations. Their installer-friendly plasters can be applied in different thicknesses to achieve optimal acoustical requirements.

What is Acoustical Plaster?
Pyrok acoustical plaster on rounded ceiling above restaurant bar

Pyrok Acoustement Plaster 20

Practical and Visually Impactful Ceilings

Pyrok’s perforated gypsum board ceiling and wall systems meet the highest interior design and acoustic performance standards. Their durable, easy-to-install, and aesthetically appealing ceilings and walls are both economical and time-saving.

What are Perforated Ceilings?
Pyrok acoustical plaster in 9/11 museum

Pyrok Acoustement Plaster 20