Room Acoustics

Room acoustics are versatile noise control solutions that can be used in a vast array of interior applications, from classrooms and offices to gymnasiums and auditoriums.

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Acoustical Wood Collection

Adding acoustic wood finishes to a project makes an immediate visual and acoustical impact.

If These Walls Couldn’t Talk

Kinetics Noise Control install of a PET felt walk for room acoustics

kBlock PET Product by Kinetics

An absorptive tile that can be used as acoustic wallpaper in a space.

Tap into an entire arsenal of acoustical control products and treatments that can be applied to a room to tame echoes, diffuse sound, and tamper excessive noise. Acoustical solutions can be applied to the floors, ceilings, and walls of a room, from PET products and baffles to acoustical wood and ceiling tiles.

Auditoriums, gymnasiums, lobbies, conference rooms, or spaces of any size with high ceilings or hard surfaces can be made more comfortable and usable with noise control.

Ovation Acoustical Reflector and Diffuser

Perfect for large aesthetic spaces that need superior acoustics.

Why Choose Kinetics Noise Control?

Kinetics designs high performing acoustical solutions for every surface of a room. Choose from a broad variety of materials, styles, and applications to design the ideal noise control solution.

Acoustical Wood Collection

The sound absorbers from this collection help reduce reflections and create quiet spaces.

The Kind of Quiet You Want

Kinetics room acoustics products can be produced in custom sizes, with the most effective suspension hardware for your space. Customize details like color and texture to fit your creative vision.

Kinetics Room Acoustics

Wave Baffles

These baffles improve acoustics and noise reduction in large spaces like gymnasiums, arenas and natatoriums.