Metal Ceilings

Metal ceilings are durable and easy to access and maintain, and are available in an array of types and finishes.

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Durlum rectangular metal ceiling panels in cafeteria with yellow floor

Durlum S7 Rail Channel System Metal Ceiling

Rise And Shine

Durlum rectangular metal ceiling panels in office

Durlum S5 C-Channel Grid System

As well as being visually striking, metal ceilings provide many benefits in terms of sound absorption, strength, ease of installation, and creative flexibility. A suspended metal ceiling is an attractive solution for covering up flaws, pipes, and ductwork.

Metal ceilings are moisture resistant and less prone to water damage than other dropped ceiling materials, making them more accessible for maintenance. Metal ceiling panels with acoustic backing can be highly effective at absorbing sound to curb excessive noise and improve sound quality.

Durlum Loop metal ceiling in Swiss Re reception area

Durlum LOOP + Punteo-J Metal Ceiling Lighting Combination

Durlam Polylam colorful vertical ceiling baffle system in cafeteria

Durlum POLYAM Vertical Baffle System + LED Light

Why Choose Durlum?

Durlum creates stunning, modern, and functional metal ceilings that transform spaces.

Durlum S OMEGA Rhombos lighting channel ceiling in room with wood floor and tables

Durlum S-OMEGA RHOMBUS Metal Ceiling and Lighting Combination

Level Up Your Ceiling

Metal ceilings are resilient and fire resistant, and can be enhanced and made even more durable with surface finishes that give them a protective oxide layer and make them abrasion-resistant. 

A metal ceiling can serve several practical functions, including temperature and acoustical control. They can be printed with custom textures, graphics, or inscriptions, and the diameter and shape of perforations can be adjusted per aesthetic and acoustical control needs.

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Durlum custom metal wall panels and blue gradient acoustic ceiling

Durlum LIVA Metal Opencell Ceiling