Architectural Glass

Architectural glass is an aesthetically pleasing and versatile material that can improve visibility and light transmission indoors. This material can be a good noise insulator and is easy to clean.

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Carvart glass barriers and doors in office building

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Transparently Beautiful

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Architectural decorative glass can be customized in terms of texture, color, pattern, and more to impart a particular look and feel to a space. Whether you want to replicate the appearance of wood or metal, apply graphics, or adjust the opacity to provide privacy and manage light transmission, architectural glass systems give architects and designers creative control.

Glass is an adaptable material, perfect for both classic and contemporary spaces. Create a completely unique look by combining different styles of glass or express your creativity by printing it with photographs and patterns.

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Carvart glassCUBE glass meeting room barrier

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Why Choose Carvart?

Carvart offers over 10,000 standard decorative glass combinations, from clear float glass to specialty interlayers, as well as architectural hardware for all combinations. Their offerings include laminated, tempered or heat-strengthened, and annealed glass, as well as single and double glazed solutions for sound insulation.

Carvart glass walls in Smithsonian meeting room

Carvart glassWALLS

A Clear Choice for Any Environment

Architectural glass is an excellent choice of material for a broad variety of applications due to its style versatility and ease of cleaning. Glass can be used in lobbies, offices, and retail spaces as well as hospitals, restrooms, museums. Everything from partitions and cubicles to walls, doors, and railings can be designed from glass.

Whether your project is corporate, commercial, multi-tenant, or public, an architectural glass solution can add high-end visual appeal as well as utility and durability.

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