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Noise Barriers was formed by a group of noise control experts with a combined 100 years of experience in the industry. As well as a large family of high-quality noise control products, Noise Barriers can also create custom designs to satisfy specific customer requirements.

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Noise Barriers QuietMod™ Engine Generator Enclosure

Noise Barriers Levels Sound

Noise Barriers has designed and created high performing noise control solutions for every imaginable setting, from government and education facilities to hotels and studios. They offer an extensive product catalog that can fit any application. Learn more about Noise Barriers below.

Noise Barriers front corner of brick building with architectural acoustic screen

Noise Barriers QuietLine™ Barrier Wall SL-R Concealer with Vision Screen

The Prize Acoustic Door

The innovative QuietSwing® Alexis™ Door is a patent-pending, high-performing, modern acoustic door design. Its concealed hinges and stunning visual profile preserve the architectural integrity of your space. Alexis is easy to install and arrives factory assembled.

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Noise Barriers QuietSwing® Alexis™ Door

Field Proven Acoustic Performance

Noise Barriers’ acoustic doors, windows, absorption panels, and other products have been put to the test across the United States, and continue to demonstrate why they are some of the most reliable products in the noise control industry.

Noise Barriers QuietLine™ Barrier Walls Type SL-R Concealer

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