Acoustical Panels

Acoustical panels are an adjustable, customizable, and affordable solution to reducing echoes and reverberation within a space.

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Noise Barriers Acoustical panels on exterior of brick building

Noise Barriers QuietPerf™ Absorption Panels

Bouncing Off the Walls

QuietPerf acoustical panels installed on exterior of building

Noise Barriers QuietPerf™ Absorption Panels

Sound absorbing panels are one of the easiest acoustical solutions to install in a new or existing space. Whether you require privacy or acoustical control in a small conference room or a large lobby, acoustical panels are flexible and easy to apply in rooms of any size. They’re ideal for enhancing sound quality in spaces like studios and concert halls.

Acoustical panels don’t just control sound within a space—they can also be used on the exterior of the building to absorb environmental noise pollution, from heavy traffic and construction to airplanes and industrial activity.

Acoustical panels installed on wall of factory

Noise Barriers QuietPerf™ Absorption Panels

Why Choose Noise Barriers?

Noise Barriers creates hassle-free, high performing noise control products and solutions for a great range of applications.

QuietPerf industrial acoustical panels

Noise Barriers QuietPerf™ Absorption Panels

Keep Quiet

Sound absorbing panels are beneficial to the health of building occupants, reducing excessive noise from both inside the building and the environment surrounding it. Acoustical panels can improve communication and productivity as well as protect hearing and reduce stress.

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Acoustical panels installed outside residential building

Noise Barriers QuietPerf™ Absorption Panels