Kinetics Noise Control

Kinetics Noise Control, established in 1958, produces the largest selection of isolators and noise control solutions in the industry, improving room acoustics and creating quiet spaces. The staff at Kinetics is composed of experienced industry professionals and engineers who have developed the best noise and vibration control products available.

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Kinetics Noise Control LiftWrx Spring Lift Slab Floor Mount

Kinetics Cuts Through the Noise

Kinetics leads the industry in working with designers and contractors to apply appropriate acoustic treatment and vibration mitigation. Kinetics sound control products can create quiet in a single room or an entire building. Here’s how to find out more about Kinetics.

Kinetics Noise Control RIM Concrete

The Best Noise Control Building Materials

Kinetics manufactures floor isolation products, noise control ceiling hangers, and noise control solutions for walls and partitions. Whether you’re seeking a noise isolation system for wood, steel frame, or concrete construction, their products are proven effective for minimizing noise and vibration in bustling spaces.

What is Noise Control?

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What’s New at Kinetics Noise Control?