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Kinetics carries a broad, diverse acoustical control product line that provides homeowners with the same confidence in noise control performance as their commercial offerings.

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StretchTRAK Acoustical Fabric

Acoustically-transparent fabrics that invisibly control sound as it reflects off walls and ceilings to lower noise levels to a comfortable level.

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Kinetics home and home theater acoustical control products subdue or refine the noises of everyday life to make more comfortable, functional homes.

Kinetics is an industry leader in providing the appropriate acoustical treatment for any application, including residences. Create quiet in every room of a house with uncompromising quality. Here’s how to find out more about Kinetics.

StretchTRAK Acoustical Fabric

StretchTRAK attractively integrates acoustic control into many different areas in a home by hiding acoustical treatments from view.

The Best Home Acoustics Products

Kinetics manufactures easy-to-install noise control products of comparable quality and performance levels for both commercial and residential spaces.

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StretchTRAK attractively integrates into all types of rooms by hiding acoustical treatments from view.

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