Glass fiber reinforced gypsum (GFRG) is an interior alternative to GFRC, a lightweight material with a similar strength and durability to concrete.

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Formglas GFRG wall and ceiling in modern salon

Formglas GFRG With Compound Curved

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Formglas suspended GFRG perforated ceiling elements in airport

Formglas Suspended GFRG Perforated Ceiling Elements

GFRG is lightweight, resilient, and superior in strength to traditional plaster casting. GFRG can be used to achieve modern and organic shapes and curved walls, and can be coated with any interior paint, realizing the aesthetic visions of architects and designers. 

This high strength and non-combustible material can be molded to any size or shape. It’s a highly economical material that reduces construction time and labor costs, and is designed to require minimal structural support.

Formglas GRG dome moldings in building interior

Formglas GRG Dome Moldings and QuarryCast column covers

Why Choose Formglas?

Formglas was the first in North America to manufacture GFRG, and is now the leading manufacturer.

Formglas GFRG white curved ceiling

Formglas GFRG With Compound Curves

Green Room

Glass fiber reinforced gypsum uses post-consumer recycled material and is frequently chosen for LEED or green building projects. Its light weight reduces transportation fuel costs, and its strength and durability eliminates the need for heavy structural steel supports.

Formglas is focused on material and energy savings, and sources its materials from reputable suppliers committed to responsible extraction and processing. Formglas GFRG can be used in constructing decorative wall panels, ceilings, domes, column covers, and many more interior applications.

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Formglas GFRG ceiling ring in Toyota showroom

Formglas GFRG Ceiling Ring