Floating Floor Systems

Floating floor systems, or isolated floors, are a highly effective way to reduce airborne noise and vibrations from one level to another.

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Kinetics rollout isolation material

Kinetics Noise Control RIM with Concrete

Completely Floored

Kinetics LIFTWRX thick slab spring lift mount

Kinetics Noise Control LiftWrx 4" Thick Slab Spring Lift Mount

A floating floor system is frequently used to reduce noise transmission and vibrations between a loud space and a quiet one. There are many varieties with different methods of construction and varying degrees of sound control.

A decoupled floor system is ideal for absorbing impact and noise from high traffic spaces like gyms and dance floors, and can also be used in multifamily buildings to minimize sound transfer between units.

Kinetics Noise Control FIC wood floating floor system

Kinetics Noise Control FIC Wood Acoustic Floor

Kinetics Noise Control RIM (Rollout Isolation Material)

Why Choose Kinetics Noise Control?

Kinetics Noise Control offers a wide selection of isolated floor systems suited for any application or degree of acoustical control.

Kinetics Noise Control UltraQuiet SR isolated floor system

Kinetics Noise Control Ultra Quiet SR High Performance Noise Control Underlayment

The Pressure Is On

An isolated floor system can be used in any number of spaces where peace and quiet is desired. Everywhere from bowling alleys to music practice rooms, and rooftops to helipads, floating floor systems can manage noise and vibration and take the volume down a notch, creating more comfortable, enjoyable, and functional spaces.

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Kinetics Noise Control KNC-LSM floating floor system

Kinetics Noise Control LSM Spring Lift Slab Floor Mount