GKD Metal Fabrics

GKD, originally established by a group of innovative German engineers, creates metal fabrics and attachment solutions that offer both function and style. GKD metal fabric has a vast array of applications, from interiors and exteriors to walls, ceilings, and column covers.

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Brookline Parking Garage

GKD Outshines the Competition

The manufacturing heritage of GKD Metal Fabrics dates back nearly 100 years. Their experience informs their delivery of the best-suited and highest-quality metal mesh fabric solutions to customers. Learn more about the best brand in metal fabrics below.

Easton Street Metal Mesh

GKD stainless steel mesh facade on exterior of Liberty Fund Library

Liberty Fund Library Metal Mesh Facade

Stunning Architectural Metal Mesh

GKD has the experience and ability to meet your needs for high-quality stainless steel mesh at any scale. Choose from a wide array of metal mesh finishes and appearances to suit the functional and aesthetic needs of your unique project.

What is Architectural Metal Mesh?

Metal Mesh Facade

The Perfect Attachment Solution

GKD’s expert team can fine tune designs to determine the best approach for applying any metal mesh panel system, considering size, scale, and complexity. Their attachment solutions fall into two categories: tensioned and framed.

What are Stainless Steel Mesh Ceilings?

Metal Mesh Ceilings

What’s New at GKD?


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