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We’re a go-to source for architectural building products in the Boston area. Browse our products by type to determine which materials are best suited to your project. If you have questions about a particular product or want to request a sample, reach out to us for assistance.

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Durlum Loop metal ceiling in Swiss Re reception area

Durlum LOOP + Punteo-J Metal Ceiling Lighting Combination

Carvart glass barriers and doors in office building

Architectural Glass

Stainless Steel Mesh Facades

Stainless Steel Mesh Ceilings

Kinetics rollout isolation material

Noise Control Building Materials

OWA trapeze specialty acoustic ceiling tiles in lobby

Acoustical Ceiling Tiles

Noise Barriers Acoustical panels on exterior of brick building

Acoustical Panels

Noise Barriers acoustical windows in building with concrete floor

Acoustical Windows

Noise Barriers acoustical door in Composite Machine Center

Acoustical Doors

Noise Barriers QuietLine noise control wall outside airport

Acoustical Barriers

Pyrok acoustical plaster ceiling at St. Barts church

Acoustical Plaster

Pyrok perforated ceiling in large modern building

Perforated Ceilings

Formglas gray acoustical ceiling with geometric indentations and columns


Formglas GFRG wall and ceiling in modern salon


Durlum rectangular metal ceiling panels in cafeteria with yellow floor

Metal Ceilings

Durlum metal wall panels in Museum des Zweiten Weltkriegs

Metal Wall Panels

Kinetics Noise Control spring ceiling hangers for isolated ceiling system

Ceiling Isolation Systems

Kinetics rollout isolation material

Floating Floor Systems

Kinetics Noise Control wall isolation clip

Wall Isolation Systems

Wood Walls and Ceilings

Folding Acoustic Ceiling Tiles