Glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), is a versatile material that can be used to create lightweight façade wall panels that are resistant to cracking.

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Formglas gray acoustical ceiling with geometric indentations and columns

Formglas Concreet™

Flexible Benefits

Formglas GFRC L cornice and panel details on building exterior

Formglas Various GFRC-L Cornice and Panel Details

GFRC is an engineered composite that’s reinforced by glass fibers and more flexible than concrete, making it a more versatile material that allows thinner casting. It can also be cast into GFRC panels and used for exterior applications such as building facades and decorative elements. 

GFRC panels can be used in existing structures or new construction. These panels are lightweight and don’t require steel frame backing. GFRC panels are easier to install than precast concrete and have lower permeability to water and air.

Formglas GFRC L metalcast pillars in mall food court

Formglas GFRC-L with MetalCast® Columns

Why Choose Formglas

Formglas is the industry’s premier innovator in gypsum, fiberglass, and cement-based solutions.

Formglas GFRC L pilasters and columns on Banana Republic exterior

Formglas GFRC-L Exterior Pilasters and Columns

Cast Away

The possibilities of GFRC are limited only by an architect or designer’s imagination. It can be molded to nearly any 3D shape. This lightweight material is incredibly versatile, and can be applied to everything from storefronts and office buildings to malls and museums.

GFRC’s low weight and simple installation reduces labor costs and construction time, and it can be safely used for higher elevation application. It has greater impact strength than concrete, and can take on a variety of appearances, like natural stone or wood.

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Formglas GFRC balusters and balcony trim on building exterior

Formglas GFRC Balusters and Balcony Trim