Wood Walls and Ceilings

Wood walls and wood ceilings are a sustainable interior cladding option that combines natural, biophilic design with excellent noise and vibration absorption.

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Carvart by Gustafs Solid Paint

Indoor Forest

Carvart by Gustafs Perforated Wood

Wood panels are durable, long lasting, and significantly amplify the aesthetic value of a space by establishing a soft, relaxing ambiance. They can be quickly and easily installed and provide natural insulation as well as noise control. Wood wall panels and ceiling panels are available in a range of color and finish options.

Carvart by Gustafs Lacquered Veneer

Why Choose Carvart by Gustafs?

Carvart by Gustafs creates modern, striking, and simple-to-install wood wall and ceiling panels in a variety of styles.

Carvart by Gustafs Wood Walls

Warm and Modern

Achieve a modern look and feel without sacrificing warmth and comfort with the streamlined, minimalist designs of Carvart by Gustaf wood wall panels and ceilings. They can be used in curved or straight installations to make spaces both aesthetically appealing and inviting.

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Carvart by Gustafs Linear Module