Founded in 1967, Durlum GmbH creates beautifully designed metal ceiling systems for modern architecture, combining function with aesthetics to make innovative and inviting spaces worldwide.

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POLYLAM vertical baffle system by Durlum

POLYLAM Vertical Baffle Ceiling System

Why Choose Durlum?

Durlum can provide a functional, high-quality, and aesthetically pleasing ceiling solution for practically any application, from airports and malls to health and educational facilities.

Custom blue gradient acoustical ceiling by Durlum

LIVA Metal Open-cell Ceiling

POLYLAM vertical baffle system by Durlum in a room with tables and chairs

POLYLAM Vertical Baffle Ceiling with PUNTEO-S25 LED Downlight

The Best Materials Working in Harmony

Durlum satisfies the most stringent of customer standards and requirements by relying on the highest-quality materials and considering design and ambiance as well as functionality. They create beautiful and thoughtful designs with a careful interplay between ceiling and light to establish truly unique environments.

What are Metal Ceilings?
Acoustical ceiling by Durlum in a building lobby with stairs

Rectangular Metal Panels As A Specialist Solution

Eye-Catching Wall Cladding

Durlum produces durable and acoustically absorbent wall claddings that offer creative freedom to designers and architects with a variety of panel sizes, finishes, and patterns. Bespoke designs can also be custom-printed and applied to walls.

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Perforated acoustic ceiling by Durlum in a white office

Metal Wall Panels

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