Carvart by Gustafs

The Carvart by Gustafs linear rib system, planks, and modules allow designers to create visually intriguing wood ceilings and walls while improving the well-being of building occupants.

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Carvart by Gustafs Lacquered Veneer

Carvart by Gustafs Wood Gain

Carvart by Gustafs panels, ribs, planks, and modules allow incredible creative possibilities for architects and designers, and create more comfortable environments for occupants with acoustical control and biophilic design benefits. The environmentally friendly, VOC-free panels are produced in a factory that generates its power from wind and solar.

Carvart by Gustafs Perforated Wood

Carvart by Gustafs Wood Walls

Time Saver and Beauty Creator

Carvart by Gustaf’s panels feature interlocking components that eliminate the need for tools and demountable installations. These flexible solutions comprise a range of colors, finishes, and dimensions, making them work for any application, from joints and corners to walls and ceilings.

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Carvart by Gustafs Solid Paint

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