Folding Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Folding acoustic ceiling tiles are an economical and easy-to-install solution for both noise control and modernizing the appearance of a tee-grid ceiling.

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FACT V-Fold Tile

Ceiling Origami

FACT V–Fold Tile

These folding tiles are shipped flat, and each 2×2 ceiling tile can be assembled into their eye-catching 3D shapes in seconds. They come in a selection of unique shapes and colors that will suit any environment. The tiles can even be custom-printed with any pattern, image, or color. In no time, a basic acoustic tee-grid ceiling can go from flat and drab to a functional, suspended sculpture.

FACT T-Tab Tile

Why Choose FACT?

Folding acoustic ceiling tiles created by FACT are beautiful, environmentally friendly, and simple to assemble.

FACT T-Fold Tile

Easy from Start to Finish

FACT offers affordable and straightforward pricing for their acoustic ceiling tiles. After their fuss-free installation, the tiles are long lasting and simple to maintain. The PET felt can be cleaned by vacuuming. At the end of their product life, they can be recycled, reducing waste.


FACT 2V-Fold Tile