Acoustical Ceiling Tiles

Installing acoustical ceiling tiles in a space is a cost effective and simple way to reduce noise and reverberation in a space and improve sound quality. They can also increase energy efficiency and conceal pipes, ductwork, and wires.

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OWA trapeze specialty acoustic ceiling tiles in lobby

OWA Trapeze

Cozy and Quiet

OWA geometric acoustical ceiling tiles in breakroom with wood floor and wall panels

OWA Acoustical Ceiling Tiles

Acoustical ceiling panels are ideal for spaces with hard surfaces where noise control and speech intelligibility are important. They’re available in varying degrees of performance depending on your project’s specific needs. As well as diminishing airborne noise and reverberation, acoustical ceilings can improve the look of a space by disguising ceiling imperfections, and can also contribute to a building’s insulation and overall comfort.

Acoustical ceilings can also dampen outside sound from entering through the ceiling plenum, making them perfect for spaces like hospitals and offices where the comfort of occupants is a priority. They can be highly effective in a room of any size, from small patient rooms to spacious lobbies.

OWA acoustical ceiling tiles in room with shelves and stairwell

OWA Octave Acoustical Ceiling Tiles

OWA acoustical ceiling tiles in breakroom with bar table

OWA Acoustical Ceiling Tiles

Why Choose OWA?

OWA creates visually appealing and well-engineered products that challenge your expectations of what acoustical ceilings can look like.

OWA geometric acoustical grid ceiling in modern room with tables and chairs

OWA Acoustical Ceiling Tiles with Lights

Low Key, Low Noise

Acoustical ceiling tiles come with a great deal of benefits and a low profile. They’re ideal for a great number of spaces where subtle noise control is desired, such as schools, retail spaces, studios, auditoriums, and restaurants.

They’re not only easy to install—they’re cost effective to maintain, change, and replace. Acoustical ceilings are highly customizable and can be made in a broad range of colors, styles, and textures, allowing designers and architects to achieve the look they want for a project on a tighter budget.

OWA acoustical ceiling tiles in car showroom

OWA Sandila-N Acoustical Ceiling Tiles