OWA (Odenwald Faserplattenwerk GmbH) has become the most relied-upon brand for mineral fiber ceiling systems in Europe since the company’s founding in 1948. OWA ceiling systems are used worldwide, and are the height of modern design, optimal acoustics, and safety. OWA is now offering these solutions to the US market.

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OWA Selecta Loop, Octave 85

OWA Rises Above the Competition

OWA’s holistic ceiling solutions are the result of traditional craftsmanship, over half a century of experience, and ongoing technical advancement. Find out more about OWA below.

OWAconsult Collection Corpus Ceiling Canopy

OWAconsult Collection Trapeze Specialty Tiles

The Highest Standard in Ceilings

OWA ceiling systems contribute style and functionality to retail spaces, offices, health and education facilities, and a number of diverse environments worldwide. OWA offers classic, modern, and completely unique designs perfectly tailored to any space.

OWAconsult Collection Cloud

See What Ceilings Can Do

Whether your building requires acoustic control, resistance to natural elements and chemicals, or disinfectable ceilings for sterile environments, OWA has a ceiling that can serve any practical function as well as provide aesthetic appeal.

What are Acoustical Ceiling Tiles?

OWAlight 3 (module/LED strip 1220)

What’s New at OWA?